I bought this splitter after doing some detailed research and decided on trying this model. The only regret I have is that the price of the 9 ton is not much more than the price I paid for this one. The unit is very strong and has its limits (I’ve loaded 20″dia x 18″ logs that were not quite sesoned into it and it bogged down). The average of the wood that I’ve split in in the 15″ range (mostly pine) and have not had any trouble.  Its alot easier to put the rig on a tailgate to elevate it. – it makes it easier on the back. All in all its the best!

Steve H. PA

Purchased for my husband and he loves it! We’ve had a mountain cabin for 2 years and up until now he’s been splitting the logs by hand with an axe. It’s been hard on his back and takes a lot of time. He’s only used the 9 Tons  a couple of times but he split more logs in one hour than what used to take him most of a day. Majority of what he splits are lodgepole pines, average 14″ diameter. He mounted the splitter on a flat bed utility cart he purchased at ACE which raised it about 20 inches off the ground along with making it mobile. It’s a perfect fit! He can wheel it anywhere he wants to use it. These days he gets excited and looks forward to splitting logs.

Mary L.  CO

Great piece of equipment, just the right power in a tool to provide an excellent performance. I never owned a log splitter before b it I saw another brand at work and I am happy I went for this splitter

Bob S. TX

Terrific product. I could not believe this got here to Maine in two days. Almost fully assembled, comes in a strong cardboard box.
Give the instructions a quick read. Check the hydraulic oil, screw on the operating lever, plug it in, split wood. And big gnarly pieces split with ease. In a matter of minutes had a nice pile of split wood for the fire in a size my wife can handle and that will start a fire quickly. Stand it up, roll it around, no gas or exhaust fumes to worry about. Great, great product.