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Perineal Ice packs with self adhesive strip 



The Highest Quality Perineal Cold Packs on the Market Today!






These Cold packs offer the new mom the kind of therapy she wants – maximum comfort and protection with minimal nursing intervention.

Thermal therapy and absorbent pad in one!

The all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional supplies, offering superior cost efficiency. Made of soft material, our perineal packs provide safe, controlled and effective thermal therapy and increased absorbency.

These cold packs offer comfort, convenience and security. The anatomically shaped pads can absorb up to 450g to reduce leakage and frequent changing. The packs activate easily and quickly reach a safe 33F for the clinically recommended duration.

For labor and delivery and perineal surgical procedures. Three-layer Stay-Dry construction with soft outer covering, absorbent middle layer, film inner layer and flexible closure.


Condition: New
Manufactured: Europe
Omega number: PI3
Size: 12" x 4.5"



We can offer you our very low  wholesale prices that Hospitals pay for these items!


Shipping cost: Items are shipped via standard UPS and their minimum cost applies.

Packages (comes in a cartoon box):

24 PCS for $29.50

48 PCS for $47.50

72 PCS for $89.50

96 PCS for $139.50

Larger quantity: please request quote.



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Why should you purchase from us?


  • we've been in business since 2001

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  • we offer you the highest quality products

  • your satisfaction is our utmost priority

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Our packs provide a safe, controlled and effective thermal therapy. Easy to activate, packs can be applied by the patient, minimizing nursing intervention and exposure to patient body fluids. They help diminish edema and promote healing following an episiotomy.

Their all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional supplies, offering superior cost efficiency.

Perineal cold packs are a safe alternative to ice-packed exam gloves. This product is  anatomically shaped with our adhesive pad to hold it in position. A plastic backing helps prevent strike-through. Perineal warm pack provides soothing relief to help promote healing.






"the best thing ever created...."
Jennifer T.
Austin ,TX


" Nothing can provide such a soothing sensation than the omega cold pack. Outstanding!!!!"
Mary L.
New York , NY