The following information documents why  this review is totally fake:


  • First, a man called Lee Hetzler claimed to be our customer and left a nasty review which he later deleted after we filed for a defamation suit.  You can see our reply here:


  • Now, Patty Munian, who is a real customer is leaving a negative review with FALSE claims.



FALSE CLAIM #1: The item took a month to six weeks to deliver:

Patty instructed us to have the item delivered by April 5th, 2018 at the time of the order. We did deliver it by April 5th as shown in the delivery document:


FALSE CLAIM #2: It is top heavy:

All the steal components and the heavy batteries are on the bottom of the scooter making it very stable. The center of gravity is low, the top is made of light but strong fiberglass.

This customer tipped the scooter because he was negligent.


FALSE CLAIM #3: My son was looking for help but he was refused:

See the emails and correspondence we had with this person, and you will see how big of a lie this review is:


FALSE CLAIM #4: Just received a letter and they withdrawn $1,552.03 for shipping:

The letter we sent showed him the cost we paid for shipping but we did NOT took $1,552.03 from him.  This customer is a trying to blackmail us to provide them with FREE parts after they negligently damaged the item.

We demand that a proof of $1,552.03 be submitted to us, otherwise we will have file for defamation.