What is LPD?

For a limited time, our factory now offers a Live Product Demonstration (LPD) Program in which you as a new customer can video chat – via Skype- with one of our employees who could demonstrate the product you are interested in.

You will have a chance to see your new item in live while we will show you its features and benefits.

Terms of the Live Product Demonstration:

This LPD program costs $19.00 which will be refunded if you are purchasing the item.
You will have five minutes to see and talk to a live human via Skype while you can view your new product.
The program is strictly for product demo and no other questions (such as what’s the weather there, can you show me your secretary etc…) will be answered.

One product per LPD please.

Getting started:

Step One: Pay the $19.00 .

Step Two: Upon receipt of your payment, we will contact you via email to set-up the date and time for the demonstration.

Step Three: We will call you on Skype and do the demo.

If you purchase the product within 24 hours, the $19.00 will be credited back to your account.
If you decide not to make any purchase, the $19.00 is non-refundable under any circumstances.

What will you need?
If you do not have a Skype, download it here.
Make sure you have a camera and microphone.