It is our duty to inform our customers of Fake Reviews that is a daily occurrence on Google reviews.
Unfortunately, Google finds these Fake Reviews more valuable to their billion dollar database than actually requesting and accepting documented rebuttal from both parties thus keeping their platform valuable, reliable and Trustworthy.
We also attempted to contact Google to submit our proof at 1-844-756-8495 but our efforts to clear this mess was rejected by a representative who, at least sounded like, was reading their policy off the screen instead of trying to listen to what we had to say.


Lee Hetzler, the person who submitted his negative review is Not our customer, and he did not purchase our Power-Buggy scooter.
He actually acquired a similar, less quality – made in china- product from a different vendor but since he could not contact them or was not able to obtain parts, he decided to get them from our company.
We always stock parts for our items and happy to assist anyone even if that person did not make the purchase with us!

Customer satisfaction is important to us!



Copy of his email:


On March 23, 2018 at 2:12 PM “3859005.4286947” <> wrote: 

From: Lee Hetzler 
Phone: (520)262-0981 
ZIP: 95361 
I need to order some of the plastic body parts for a power-buggy dx. I can email pictures of them.


Our reply:

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 6:40 AM, admin <> wrote:


Please reply to this email with the pictures of your scooter.


customer care


Lee Hetzler emailed us the pictures and we replied as follows:

On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 4:30 AM, admin <> wrote:



OK. You need those three parts.

The total would be $398.50 + Freight.

1/ fax your check to 1-203-741-1040,


2/ take a picture of your check and text it to

1-413- 686-4965


3/ scan and email it to us by replying to this message.

Please confirm, so we can get your product shipped without further delay.

Sincerely yours,

customer care


Lee Hetzler declined to pay for the items and turned to a more radical tactic by simply posting a negative, fake review in hope of getting the parts for free.



We emailed him as shown:

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, 5:51 AM, admin <> wrote:


Hi Lee;

We see that you left a negative review about our company on Google.

After checking our record, we could not find you as a customer who purchased this item from us, so please remove the review.

Similar items are sold by other companies.

If not, we will have to send the information to Google to block you, which we do not want.

Also, by not replying to this email is a clear indication of your defamation.

Po Box 801
Knights Ferry, CA 95361
DEC 2014 – APR 2018
September 2, 1981

12806 Dean Str

Knights Ferry, CA 95361

(520) 262-0981



Unfortunately, because he just realized that he did not purchase the scooter from us, and his scooter was an overpriced knock-off marketed by some online retailer, ( he could have saved hundreds if he had ordered it from our company, and got a quality one) he turned his attitude into a more nastier direction.

His email:


Lee Hetzler<>

There is no defamation see attached photo of the serial number for your dangerous cart. Your lack of response for me to fix this is your admission of guilt in supplying an inferior dangerous product to the public.
Lee is now calling the cart dangerous and lying about us not trying to help him, however as you could see in those correspondence, we did try to help him who DID NOT even purchase the scooter from us!
This case has been referred to our legal team for a civil suit against him for defamation.