Thank you for your answer.

The most common problem is when the wheel does not turn.

Make sure to:

– turn the key on

– the battery is plugged-in ( the plug underneath or by the battery pack must be plugged into the battery pack. The receptor is underneath the battery pack.

– release the brakes ( even if you pull the brake handles just a bit , or they are on the parking brake) the safety switch will block the power go to the wheel

– the front black plugs are pushed together REALLY HARD as shown at

The second issue is when you cannot plug the charger to the plug because it seems that both connectors are female.

– the battery charger must be plugged into the battery pack directly and not to the plug hanging by the battery. The receptor for the charger is underneath the battery pack.

That plug hanging by the battery pack is coming from the trike and it has to be plugged into the pack itself not to the charger.

If you could not solve the problem, please follow the instruction in our Policy – copy below-

You understand that purchasing a complex product such as an electric trike etc.. on the Internet has its consequences. One of them is that you are paying a lot less than if you were purchasing it at your local store, however it also means that you need to be able to handle issues such as assembly, adjustments, pumping air in the tire, etc… It includes but not limited to scenarios in which you need technical help that cannot be administered over the phone or email, or the item does not work for some reason. In such matters you may choose on of the following steps: 1/ check the item yourself  2/ find a nearest shop where they service these types of items  or 3/ you send it to us postage prepaid to Epizontech  for repair or replacement before a new one can be shipped out.