You can take care of yourself and your loved ones with our health monitoring device.

Our goal was to design a device that anybody can easily use. We intend to give a product that is available to everyone and which helps in the prevention of life threatening diseases like Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and Afib-related Stroke.

What we created helps to give people confidence that their heart is in good condition so they don’t have to worry about it.


Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide! Anybody can be affected, because as we grow so does the risk of stroke. On top of that there are other risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, smoking, stress… Sudden cardiac death can happen anytime without a sign.


This device provides you with an independent evaluation of the risk of afib-related stroke and sudden cardiac arrest at your fingertips!


The WIWE uses a worldwide unique intelligent algorithm which evaluates the properties of the ECG wave to calculate if there is a risk of afib-related stroke and sudden cardiac arrest. If we know about it, we can change it!


ECG Recording

One of the main features of WIWE is ECG recording. Throughout the analysis the outstanding noise filtering helps to get the best possible results.

The evaluation calls your attention to any possible abnormalities detected in your ECG wave.


Pulse oximeter (SpO2)

Healthy or sick? Blood oxygen level is a very important indicator, which can inflict moderate exhaustion, but there are many severe diseases caused by oxygen insufficiency.


Shows the road to a healthier life

The use of the pedometer function helps to reduce the risks related to heart diseases.

The WIWE has shortly upcoming features such as a meal planner and a calorie counter.





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Who is WIWE for?

For Managers: 


Stressful days, working late and having less and less time. WIWE only takes a minute to take care of your health and it tells you if there is something you should deal with now.
For Athletes:

Just going forward, keep getting better and better and no time for stopping or letting loose. You can use WIWE anytime, anywhere to make sure, that your heart keeps up with you.

For Seniors:

As we grow older so do the risks of Heart Diseases. With WIWE it’s easy for anybody to check if everything is fine.

People taking care of the elderly:

Taking care of our elderly even if we can’t be with them. With a built-in option to share it’s easy to see our parents’ recordings from afar.

Health-conscious people:

WIWE shows us that we did enough for our body at the end of each day. Tracking how many calories you burn and how many steps you take has never been so easy.

Caring mothers:

Knowing that we can take care of our children for a long time still. Because WIWE helps us to prevent serious Heart Diseases.

Why should you purchase from us?

  • we’ve been in business since 2001

  • we provide you parts and unparalleled service

  • we offer you the highest quality products

  • your satisfaction is our utmost priority

  • we deliver to your door without the middle-man



WIWE is a pocket device that is thin, easy-to-use and evaluates your ECG to detect serious medical conditions as well as helps you live a healthier life. It works either with smartphones or tablets.




  1. Easy to use: and easy to wear. It only takes 60 seconds to record your ECG and it’s the same size as a business card holder.
  2. It does it all: you can take ownership of your health with it’s built in functions like the pedometer, pulse oximeter and calorie counter.
  3. Prevention: at it’s best. Our main goal is to ask people to take care of their heart and body before it’s too late.
  4. Real time capturing: of your ECG and evaluating the risks of a sudden cardiac arrest and afib-related stroke.



How it works?

The WIWE system consists of two parts:  

  • The WIWE device  
  • WIWE application

WIWE’s main function is recoding ECG, the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time. For this it uses the first limb lead (Lead I), meaning that the device evaluates the voltage between the left arm (positive electrode) and the right arm (negative electrode).

The time period for recording in the case of WIWE is 60 seconds. That’s around 60 cardiac cycles for a person in a calm environment.


Put and keep your 2 fingertips on the electrodes  

  • Wait 60 seconds until the app says you can release  
  • Look through the evaluation screen presented to you


Important details of the evaluation:  

Ventricular Heterogenity (VH):  

  • WIWE analyzes the ingerated value of the QRST 
  • If these differ in the cardiac cycles, then there is a change in Ventricular Heterogenity

Atrial Fibrillation (AF):

  • It makes a Poincaré graph based on the R to R intervals  
  • Evaluates the variability of the length of intervals