The New Four Wheels Adult Electric Mobility Scooter designed for both On and Off road!

No license or registration required.

The  fastest  and most comfortable four-wheel electric mobility scooter on the market today.

Model: 4W-99

Fun and comfortable to drive, the 4W-99 features a deluxe reclining captain’s seat with folding armrests. The wraparound Delta tiller provides relief if you have limited dexterity or constant pain in your hands. The phone holder conveniently places your phone in front of you at all times, and you can charge it at any time using one of the USB port.

  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Independent four wheel suspension
  • Ergonomic Delta tiller
  • Full size captain’s style seat
  • Digital dash
  • Cell phone holder
  • USB port
  • LED full lighting package
  • Digital anti-theft alarm system
  • Remote on/off key fob
  • Rear anti-tip wheels for added safety
  • Ships fully assembled

Turning on The Scooter       

Insert key into ignition and turn clockwise to turn the scooter on. The battery indicator bars will display the current charge level when on. Turn the key counter-clockwise to power off when stopped.

Battery Power Indicator Lights      

The battery power indicator bars will light up when turned on. The battery indicator bars will only be displayed when the scooter is turned on. The bars represent the scooter’s current charge level.


The headlight has multiple LED’s that are very bright. The headset can be adjusted upwards or downwards as needed to light up the path ahead. Apply light pressure to the headset, and push in the desired direction.

Delta Multi-Directional Variable Throttle       

The forward and reverse movements are controlled by the Delta variable throttle. To drive forward, pull the lever on the right hand-side towards you. To drive reverse, pull the lever on the left hand-side towards you. How fast the machine accelerates determines on how far back pull the throttle lever is pulled. The picture shows a phone holder but the scooter comes with a cup holder instead.  The turn signal, light on/off button, high/low beam light, and horn buttons are all located in one area. Push the symbol with the labeled function as needed.

Electromagnetic and Free Rolling Lever                                  

There is a lever to engage either the electromagnetic braking system, or allows the machine to be free rolling. Pull the lever backwards until you hear a click to activate the electromagnetic brakes. Pull the handle forwards until you hear a click to allow for the machine to free rolling. Do not activate the free rolling mode when on any incline or ramp or injury and damage may occur.

Twist Speed Dial

The twist speed dial controls how fast at a maximum the machine can travel. Adjust the dial as needed to control how fast at maximum the machine will travel.

USB Port

The USB port can be used only as a method to recharge an electric device that accept a 5-volt output. Music cannot be played through the USB port. Push the top of the USB port housing to access.

Battery and Circuit Breaker Access Door                         

The batteries and circuit breaker can be accessed by using the same key for the ignition. The batteries are maintenance free, so accessing the batteries will only need to be done when they need to be replaced.

Easily accessible charging port                         

Just open the port cover and attach your charger that comes with the scooter.

The complementary cup holder.                         

Enjoy your drink while driving.

Strong front and rear bumpers.                        

These are sure to protect you and your scooter from any accidental oversight.

Strong rear basket with lid                          

Are you ready for a ride? Put your belongings in here with confidence.

Extra storage                           

In case you want to bring your cell phone or other necessities with you.

Weight Capacity: 400lbs.

Speed: Up to 14mph (speed varies based on riders weight, terrain and road surface etc.)

Distance: 45 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight and road surface etc.)

Front Seat: Adjustable Comfort Seat

Seat Size: 17”x19”x23” (DxWxH)

Seat Cushion Height: 24” from floor

Turning Radius: 83 “

Steering Height: 35” from floor

Power: Electric

Motor Type: 700 watt peak, Transaxle Differential Brushless Motor

Batteries: 48 Volt, 20 AH, SLA sealed

Dimensions: 62”x 24”x44” (LxWxH)seat upright

Dimensions: 55”x24”x42” (LxWxH) seat folded

Floor Clearance: 5.5”

Forward/Reverse switch: Delta Tiller lever

LED Lighting Package: Yes

USB Port: Yes

Front Tire Size: 3.5”x10”

Rear Tire Size: 3”x14”

Aluminum Wheels: Yes

Charger: 48 Volt Smart Charger

Throttle Type: Delta Tiller lever

Speed Switch: Adjustable Speed Dial

Key Start: Yes, Remote Key Fob

Braking System: Electromagnetic

Digital Dash: Yes

Cargo Basket Storage: Yes, 11”x17”x10” (DxWxH)

Alarm System: Yes

Rear Mirrors: Yes

Lighting Package: LED Front, Rear lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Running Lights

Electric Horn: Yes

Battery Indicator: Yes

Shock Absorbers: Yes, Four Wheel Independent Suspension

Reflectors: Yes

Headrest: Yes, Adjustable

Bumpers: Yes, Front & Rear

Scooter Weight: 229 lbs.

Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

In Stock: 3

Available Colors:  Red, Blue,

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Optional PowerBooster to get the 1500Watts: $289.50

Optional Extra  extended warranty: $75.00

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