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Electric CargoTrike

adult electric tricycles

You can use it as a regular tricycle; simply just pedaling, or you can use it as a scooter; with the motor power only, or you can pedal it while using the motor at the same time!

No license or registration required!

Your New 2018 electric CARGO tricycle comes with the rearview mirrors, the double-enforced heavy-duty frame, the front basket and rear cargo,  the electronic alarm system,  the lithium battery and the charger!

The handlebar and the seat  can be adjusted up and down, you can tilt it away from you or towards you to make it a very comfortable ride regardless of your size and weight.

The cargo has a hydraulic pump for smooth closing and opening.

36 Volt electronic system generates 450Watts of power in the rear hub.

The standard 36V Lithium battery to provide a long lifetime for your investment.

The easily adjustable and removable seat with the quick release.

The large cargo area ( 31″ x 24″ x 6″)  and the strong chassis for heavy-duty use.

The cargo has an easy opening for loading or unloading.

The electronic control unit is easily accessible at your left hand side. It also has the parking brakes.

State-of-the-Art shock absorbing system to assure a smooth ride on your new trike.


High quality chain and crank system for easy pedaling.


The electric trike with the optional large seat with back rest.



Your electric tricycle comes on a pallet, carefully packed, secured, insured and  shipped to your door at no extra cost. Ready to Ride?

Take the Risk out of your Online Purchase!

Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US. (www.NationalRepairCompany.com)



(Previous Price: $3,499.00 + $150.00 S&H)

Order Yours Now for Only  $1,579.00 to receive a Free front basket and Free Promotional Shipping Today!


Your Purchasing Options:

Electric Tricycle with Lithium battery: $1,579.00
(last about three times longer!)
Optional PowerBooster to get the 750Watts: $289.50
Optional Extra 2-year extended warranty: $75.00
Optional Large seat with backrest: $59.50

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