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Powerautomatic electric
powered cigarette roller machine

 Here comes an electric rolling machine thats simply perfect!
From the beginning, it was designed with one main goal – to build an automatic machine that rolls a perfect cigarette, REGARDLESS of tobacco cut or moisture content, and do it FAST.

– Your machine comes in black as shown on top of the page-

  • Works with all tobacco cuts, including shred and pipe tobacco
  • Approximately 40 cigarette load capacity
  • Fully automatic Injection method via “press,cut, inject”
  • Production speed well above 10 cigarettes per minute
  • PLC (computer chip) controlled mechanism to prevent motor overload
Perfectionist’s Dream
Verified Purchase from a customer:
“I pity the inventor of this machine. I hope people will realize the totally different approach and effort he put into this invention.Cigerette making machines have always been more or less like a gimmicky ‘toy’ … both in thier poor , usually plastic quality , or on the other hand … those large flat all metel jam ready hand crankers that have
your arm and hands screaming ‘uncle’ after making only a half carton of cigarettes. Empty all of your previous experiences from your mind about cigarette machines and purchase on of these ‘perfectionist’s delights’ .

This item looks like it was designed for Astronauts on a space station. From the metallic paint finish with the quality of a powder coat, to the flawless and smooth self powered stroke of the tobacco packing thruster blade, LED operation mode light, chrome like activaction handle, and a complete set of cleaning brushes which are
nearly unnecessary to provide because there is near zero maintenence neccessary for this unit. Even a drop tray to catch the completed cigarette is included..

My other reviews of products should paint a clear picture of just how fussy and particular I am … It’s impossible to find even the smallest complaint about this superbly made motorized piece of precision machinery”

Due to the extremely high demand for these new and revolutionary cigarette machines, we fulfill orders in the
order in which they are received. Maximum two units per households please!
Easy To Use:

1/ Unpack the machine
2/ Plug in the cord
The cord comes with the machine
3/ Turn the switch on It requires your regular 110V outlet.

4/ Put tobacco in the hopper
With other types of machines,loading the injector takes time. Our roller cuts the time spend loading and reloading in more than half . Conveniently slanted shoot lets tobacco fall right into the injection slot avoiding messy work area and tobacco waste.
5/ Push the tobacco to ensure firm filling
The LE rollers spoon-n-clamp injection mechanism prevents tobacco shredding.  For every injection cycle, the machine automatically compresses the tobacco, cuts the excess and gently injects perfectly formed slug into a tube.
All you have to do is pull that shiny lever. 
6/ Pull the cigarette tube on the nip and push down the lever to activate the filling spoon
7/ Your cigarette is ready in about 4-5  seconds. . Firm, no falling out tobacco.
It works with Kings, Regular and 100’s tubes. Our  rolling machine works with ALL standard size tubes and some not-so-standard. ( when used  with 100mm tubes, you need to spread tobacco evenly along the length of the slot. If not, during the injection cycle, tobacco may compress lengthwise and leave a little void near the filter)
It will be retailed for  $229.95 + $18.50 S&H
Get Yours Today for Only $
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