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Model: EC69 EasyRollerDeluxe   

You can roll TWO cigarettes at the same time and this machine can be operated electronically AND manually!

(we have this machine in burgundy color as shown below)

It is a Dual-system, which means that you can use it as an electric and as a manual  cigarette rolling machine as well:

  • This feature is very useful if you are traveling and has no electricity.

You will have the option to make two cigarettes at the same time:

  • It will speed-up the cigarette making and saves your time.







It is very easy and simple to use: open the cover

  • fill the chambers with tobacco

  • press the button

  • your cigarettes are ready in a second


Our EasyRollerDeluxe electric machine operates similarly to a manual injector, pushing the tobacco into the tube instead of using an auger driven spring to inject the tube. It makes TWO king size cigarettes at a time and it comes apart, allowing you to remove the top mechanism/manual machine, to take with you to manually inject cigarettes when you’re away from home.

This machine also features an industrial strength 2-way motor for high efficiency & longevity, a clear chamber underneath that catches excess tobacco and slides out easily to empty, easy to operate touch sensor start button, no auger to chew up your tobacco plus it creates a cigarette that burns evenly every time.

Like all machines, it is best to use roll your own cigarette tobacco and filter tubes, which can be found at any smoke shop.

Was: $199.95 + $18.50 S&H
Today Only $114.50


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