A Smart Device with All-In-One:
Blood pressure   –   Pulse Oximeter       –    Blood pressure Software


Advanced blood pressure with Oximetry. It has three users data record and alarm setting.

MDO6X have a large color screen, and come with PC software to Show trend graph, analytical diagrams Edit add notes to every piece of data by connecting the device with PC through USB port.



2.8″ TFT color screen, 320×240 pixels

  • NIBP measurement
  • SpO2 measurement
  • Trusted accuracy, clinically validated
  • Oscillometry with step deflation
  • Multi-user mode (Adult, Child, New born)
  • Built-in flash memory up to 100 items for each user (3 User)
  • Built-in BP Alarms
  • Automatic cuff inflation and deflation
  • Reliable power supply with or AA battery
  • Battery status indicator
  • Data Review: List and Trend
  • Setting for Time .Date .mHg/kPa .Alarm .User type .Language
  • Sync with PC-based Software via USB port, accurate analysis systems


  • Print report, support print preview








Software Functions:

  • Upload data to computer 
  • Show trend graph, analytical diagrams Edit add notes to every piece of data 
  • Edit examinees information, medical advices, condition descriptions, present drug usage info etc. 
  • Print report, support print preview



Measurement Accuracy
SpO2, 70%~100%    ±2%
0%~69%      undefined
PR ±2bpm or ±2% (select larger) 
Measurement Performance In Weak Filling Condition
pulse-filling ratio : 0.4% SpO2 error ±4%,
pulse rate error ±2bpm or ±2% (select larger)
Optical Sensor
Red light wavelength is 660nm, 6.65mW
Infrared wavelength is 880nm, 6.75mW  

Display 2.8” color LCD Display

NIBP Specifications
Measurement Method Oscillometric method
Working modes Automatic
Measurement Range Pressure adult 0~290mmHg(0~38.6kPa)
pediatric 0~235mmHg(0~31.3kPa)
neonatal 0~140mmHg(0~18.6kPa)
Pulse: 40~240/min
Inflation adult 160mmHg
pediatric 120mmHg
neonatal 70mmHg
Alarm Range adult mode SYS ALM: 40~270 mmHg 
DIA ALM: 10~215 mmHg
pediatric mode SYS ALM: 40~200 mmHg
DIA ALM: 10~150 mmHg
neonatal mode SYS ALM: 40~135 mmHg
DIA ALM: 10~100 mmHg
Overpressure protect adult mode 295±5mmHg
pediatric mode 240±5mmHg
neonatal mode 145±5mmHg
Pressure 1mmHg
Measurement Accuracy
Cuff Pressure Accuracy ±3mmHg
Error The BP Value of the device is equivalence with the measurement value of Stethoscopy. The error meets all the conditions in the YY0667-2008.
Operating Temperature/ Humidity +5oC~40 oC      .  15%RH~80%RH
Transport and Storage Temperature/Humidity -20oC~+55oC     .  ≤95%RH
Atmospheric pressure 80kPa~105kPa
Battery 4 “AA” alkaline batteries, AC Adapter separately sold
Main Unit Dimensions 130(L)*110(W)*80mm(H)  

Main Unit Weight 300gram



Standard :

  • Adult Cuff: limb circumference 22-32cm (middle of upper arm ) 
  • SpO2 Probe (Adult)
  • Software CD, User Manual, USB data line


Optional :
  • Pediatric Cuff: limb circumference 18-26cm (middle of upper arm )
  • Neonatal Cuff: limb circumference 10-19cm (middle of upper arm )
  • AC Adapter
  • Input: AC 100-240V  50-60Hz   AC 500mA
  • Output: DC 6.0V   1.0A


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