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Omega 7000 Air Purifier & Water and Oil Ozonator & Purifier with Negative Ion

7000 mg/h

The new 2016 model.

1. Pure Ozone work together with high negative ion can strengthen the effect on killing the virus in the air, remove the smell of cigarette and nicotine, indoor harmful gas, odor of bathroom and pet and the harmful gas come out of indoor decoration material. It can also remove the pollen particle, mite which can caused allergic asthma, build a fresh and comfortable living circumstance. 2, The Ozone can be lead to the water by tube to form ozone water. Ozone water can be used to wash face and hair, take shower, clean dinner tool, fruit and vegetable, fresh food, and eliminate the agrochemical so as to prolong the food storage time. 3. Ozone and negative ion can work simultaneously or separately, its controlled by micro-computer and has remote controller and timer.

Function of Negative ion 1. Negative ion can trap the positive particles and excess positive ion, strongly kill the bacterial, mildew, remove smoke and fusty smell and poisonous odor from the newly decorated materials. Effectively decrease the stuff which may cause hypersusceptible asthma. 2. Negative ion can clean and fresh the indoor air, no pollution. Promote the huresistivityman body metabolism, reduce the respirometric, and enhance the resistively and immunity.

Specification:1) Max. Power: 14W 2) Ozone output: 7000mg/h 3) Fresh air output: 18stere/h 4) Negative Ion Output: 5*106pcs/m3 5) Effective area: ≤50m2 6) Timing: 10’/20’/30’/45’/60′ 7) Net Weight: 3 Lbs 8) Gross weight: 6.63 Lbs 9) Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 3 inches

APPLICATIONS: 1-Home-Air & Water Treatment; Remove Smoke 2-Bedding-Sanitize Bedding & Dust Mites. 3-Basement-Remove Mold & Mildew Odor. 4-Fish Tank-Make Crystal Clear Water, Kill Bacteria & Parasites that affect your fish. 5-Kitchen-Remove Food Odors, such as Onion (No Burning Eyes), Spices & Burnt Oil Odor. 6-Dentures & Tooth Brush-Disinfect or Gargle For Gum Health, Sore Throat & Prevent Bad Breath. 7-Daycare Center-Stop the spread of Colds & Flu 8-Car & RV Dealerships-Remove Odor 100% permanently & Create “New Car” Smell to increase the value of vehicle. 9-Dental & Doctor Offices-Remove Biofilm, Sanitize Air & Water. 10-Hotel-Remove Odors, Sanitize Pillow, Sheets, Draperies in rooms & Hallways. 11-Office Air treatment-Kills Bacteria & Virus, Removes Pollen from your environment. 12-Restaurants-Remove Cooking Oil Odors & Kill Bacteria, Refresh Air, improves shelf life of expensive seafood, meats, & vegetables. 13-Restroom-Refresh the Air & Remove the Odors Instantly. 14-Washing exposed body parts with Ozonated Water-Kills Bacteria, Fungus, virus & helps wounds to heal faster. 15-Washing Fruit & Vegetable-Kill bacteria. 16-Washing Baby Bottles-Sanitize baby bottles with ozonated water. 17-Olive Oil-Add Ozone for 2-3 days to make a (Natural Oil) for Lotion that can be used for cuts, sores, infections & rashes Application

It has soft padding to prevent scratching on any surface and is light enough at 4 pounds to hang on the wall with its built in wall mount. Due to its light weight, the unit is portable and can be moved from room to room as needed.
It features a large, clear, LED screen to display the selected time setting. Easy to operate (+) and (-) buttons change the time setting to your preference. The energy efficient design uses only 20 Watts of electricity and the ultra-durable design ensures long life for the entire unit. It also comes with a 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty.
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