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This is what the customers are saying about this product:

"This is a great little ozonator. I am using larger ozonators in several commercial restaurants to sanitize produce and to eliminate mold, but wanted a smaller unit for my home. Easy to use and puts out sufficient levels for personal use. Couldn't find a better value anywhere" -
I bought this product for health sake.
I like the idea of sanitizing utensils, de pesticide fruits, take out antibiotic and other chemical out of meats.
Since I bought ozonator I try to use it every time I have chance.
The fruits last longer for a fact!!!
The meats taste the same. But I know that after 15-20 minutes I azonated water its better for me and my children to consume.
After all its easy to use. Its clamed to be good for you. Its very affordable.
What else can I ask for?!
I simply love it!





























High Output Residential & Commercial Air Purifiers - Air Cleaners






OZ300 Heavy-duty Ozone Generator

This ozone generator is a commercial-grade, heavy-duty unit with the following technical parameters:


Voltage: 110V

Power: 8W

Air output: 2-3 L/min

Air pressure: 0.01MPa

Ozone: 200-300 mg/h


The unit comes in a very durable enforced plastic box.


Dimensions are 5.5" x 4" x 2 "

Weight: approx. 0.5 lb


The ozone generator has an exit port. For some applications, such as water ozonation, you can attach your tube to it.




The back of the unit



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Air and Water Purification and Cleaning Systems:


Omega 7000 ozone Air and water purifier with Negative Ion


Shower water purifier




How does it work?
 "This machine reproduces the same effective cleansing agents that nature uses to purify the air."





  • Air Treatment-Kill Bacteria and Remove Pollen
  • Basement-Remove Mold and Odor
  • Bedding-Sanitize Bedding by air circulation.
  • Car and RV-Remove Odor 100% & Create Fresh Smell
  • Dental and Doctor Office & Clinics- Sanitize Air
  • Home- Air & Water Treatment
  • Hotel- Remove Room Odor, Sanitize Pillow, Sheets, Draperies
  • Kill Bacteria-in Air
  • Kitchen Sterilization-Remove Food Odors such as Onion (No Burning Eyes), Spices & Burnt Oil Odor
  • Mold- Kill and Remove Mold Odor
  • Office- Air treatment
  • Removes Second Hand Smoke and Odors
  • Restaurants- Remove Cooking Oil Odors and Kill Bacteria, Refresh Air
  • Restroom- Refresh the Air and Remove the Odors Instantly
  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Smoke Removal-Remove Smoke and smoke order right away
  • Remove odor from any item, Just place the unit a box and add ozone to 10 minutes.
  • And many more applications